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Deposit Scheme

Deposit Schemes

Scheme Amount Interest Payable
Compulsory Deposit 1000/- Per Month 5%
Addl. CD or RD Any Amt. In multiple of Rs. 500/- 5%

Compulsory Deposit : The Amount of Compulsory is accumulated with the Society and is payable to the member only at the time of Retirement/Resignation from the Society. No midterm withdrawal is allowed in case of CD.

A special provision is made for Midterm withdrawal from the CD money if the member of his/her spouse is suffered from any of the 9 disease at listed by the Oriental Insurance. Such withdrawal is allowed only after exhaustion of Sum Insured under Staff Mediclaim as well as after receiving Ex-Gratia from the Company.

Addl. CD or RD : Withdrawal from Addl. CD amount is allowed as and when required by the member.

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